Newswire: Channing Tatum officially re-committed to playing terrible X-Man Gambit

Rumors have been floating around lately that Channing Tatum’s incipient reign as terrible X-Men member Gambit could be in peril, with The Wrap reporting that the deal between Tatum—who’s also a producer on the upcoming film—and Fox was in danger of breaking down. This, despite Tatum’s oft-stated devotion to the awful, card-throwing accent monster, with the actor once declaring, “I would die to play him.”

Luckily, it doesn’t look like it’ll come to that, as Variety is reporting that a deal is now officially in place, with Tatum getting the go-ahead to start practicing his “mon ami”s and “chere”s and all the other faux-affectionate Cajun nonsense he’ll be deploying in the film. Gambit is being directed by Rise Of The Planet Of The ApesRupert Wyatt, from a script by Josh Zetumer. Said screenplay will draw inspiration from a treatment …

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