Newswire: Chance The Rapper wants the Chicago Sun-Times to stop worrying about his family

Due to the way the public is constantly and cacophonously crying for blood, it can sometimes be tough for a celebrity to do the right thing in any given situation. Case in point: Chance The Rapper announced that he’s donating a bunch of money to Chicago’s schools last week, and now Chicago’s second-favorite newspaper—The Sun-Times—has published an opinion piece about how a child support battle might tarnish his good image. According to the op-ed, the mother of Chance’s daughter (a woman named Kirsten Corley) has filed paperwork in court saying that “a long-term child-support agreement” between her and Chance has not been reached, and also that she is “essentially being held hostage” in his home until they work out the child support “on his terms.”

Based on the op-ed’s account of the paperwork, it sounds like Chance’s argument is that he’s …

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