Newswire: Chance The Rapper might actually sell his next album

In an extensive interview with Complex, Chance The Rapper has suggested that his next project will be his first real album, and because of that, he might actually charge money for it. Up until now, Chance—who has rejected the siren song of major labels—has positioned his releases as mixtapes since they’re primarily distributed through free streams, and he “kind of [hates] the fact” that his songs can’t really chart because of the way streams are counted differently from normal purchases. He acknowledges that charts don’t really matter, but it sounds like he’d just appreciate being able to know how well a track or an album is doing.

As Chance fans might recall, he actually helped convince the Grammys to change the rules last year to allow for streaming-only albums to be eligible for awards—a change that resulted in Chance himself winning a few …

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