Newswire: Chance The Rapper leads Chicago concertgoers to polls, with mixed results

It’s said that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it vote in a democratic election. And, in Illinois, you might you not even be allowed to make that trip with your equine, i.e., hundreds of concertgoers. (Yes, this post is about the election, but we only have one more day! Or four more years.)

Complex reports that on Monday night, Chicago artist Chance The Rapper was joined by local garage rockers Twin Peaks at a free concert that culminated in an earnest plea to younger people (or the dread “millennials”) to get out and vote. The event was organized by Chance The Rapper via his non-profit organization, Social Works. Fans gathered at Grant Park for the performances, after which Chance The Rapper led hundreds of them on a “Parade To The Polls.”

Another clip from tonight’s #paradetothepolls w/ @chancetherapper bringing thousands …

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