Newswire: Celebrity Deathmatch is coming back to MTV

Long before the invention of Twitter, celebrities had to engage in beefs while hiding behind far cruder avatars made of clay, in the even more juvenile arena of MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch. The series, created by Eric Fogel, had its original run from 1998 to 2002, pitting famous people against each other in gruesome combat based on existing grudges, a loosely shared profession, or sometimes just the fact that their names kind of sounded alike. And now, after a short-lived revival in 2006, Celebrity Deathmatch is coming back again to settle the real or imaginary scores that have mostly played out via boring wars of words, instead of wars of kitchen implements shoved into various orifices.

Fogel is returning to oversee the new Celebrity Deathmatch for MTV2, which will once again see today’s stars battling it out in the animated ring. But the new version will also be “reimagined …

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