Newswire: Celebrities take to the streets for nice walks, sunshine, Donald Trump’s tax returns

It’s April 15, traditionally known as Tax Day in the U.S. (Don’t panic, you actually have until the 18th to file or flee the country.) To celebrate/bemoan the occasion, people across the nation took to the streets today to enjoy the weather, feel the government-provided roads and sidewalks under their feet, and also to demand that President Donald Trump keep his word and finally release his damn tax returns. Not some Rachel Maddow one-sheet thing, either, but the actual good stuff: W-2s. W-4s. The fancy ones we don’t know about, because they’re for rich people with 401ks.

Given that a number of celebrities vocally loathe Trump (or would just like to see their supreme commander’s finances in order to check whether he’s screwing us all over), it’s not surprising that a number of famous people were out participating in the #TaxMarch …

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