Newswire: CBS turns Tom Sawyer into a legal drama; doesn’t call it Tom Lawyer, sadly

CBS’s insatiable need for legal dramas and detective shows has driven it into the public domain, with the network giving a put pilot order to Sawyer & Huck, a modern-day adaptation of Mark Twain’s famous characters. The show will star Tom Sawyer as a down-on-his-luck attorney, Huck Finn as his childhood-friend-turned-private-investigator, and the collective will of a million fans of American literature, psychically screaming in pain.

Sawyer & Huck is being developed by Drop Dead Diva creator Josh Berman, and will see its title characters as “adults in modern day America at a time that harkens back to the racial and class divides that inspired Mark Twain’s books.” (Because only by turning Huckleberry Finn into a cool, bad-guy punching private gumshoe can the national healing begin.)

Weirdly enough, the idea of Tom And Huck: Crimestoppers! isn’t as far-fetched as it initially seems; Twain himself wrote a …

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