Newswire: CBS to go after the most dangerous game in new manhunt reality show

Modern society forces us to suppress it, and our refined culture makes us think it was never there in the first place, but deep down, we all wish we could know what it feels like to hunt a fellow human being. To test their need for survival against our thirst for sport. To hold their life in our hands and know that we are absolutely better than them in every way. Then, when we’ve snuffed out their very existence like a cheap candle and taken a trophy to place on our mantle of victory, we will truly know how it feels to be alive.

Finally, after generations of trying to ignore our impulses, CBS has announced a reality show in which people will be able to embrace their inner General Zaroff and go on a good old-fashioned manhunt. Well, not really, because this is the boring real world where …

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