Newswire: CBS is developing a show about making friends via Facebook

For people who have friends, managing them can be as time-consuming as a second job. You have to remember all of their birthdays, their favorite movies, and, most importantly, their names. You don’t want to suggest celebrating Brian’s birthday by watching Fight Club when it’s actually Sharon’s birthday and her favorite movie is The Boondock Saints, because you’d probably never recover from a social faux pas like that. Situations like that are why Facebook is so important. It holds on to all of that information for you, leaving you to realize that your friends are actually super annoying and you hate them, eventually driving you to delete them from Facebook. Seriously, Sharon? The Boondock Saints?

Anyway, CBS is looking past the painful hassle that is Facebook friendship for a new series that will be all about using the site to actually make new friends. That …

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