Newswire: CBS gives Supergirl a series order

How many superhero shows do there have to be before we just start calling them “shows” instead? We’ll have to come up with a new name for things that don’t have superheroes, but soon there will be so few of those that it won’t really matter. Then, in a decade or so, somebody will make a show about a doctor who is just a doctor and not a crime-fighting vigilante, and the world will celebrate it as a revolutionary masterpiece.

That’s pretty far off, though, so CBS has decided to give Greg Berlanti’s Supergirl show a series order in the meantime. We pretty much expected this to happen all the way back in September, when the network gave Supergirl a series commitment—which basically meant that it would either make the show or owe the Supergirl people a bunch of money. Evidently, CBS chose the …

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