Newswire: CBS and Fox pick up shows about cops, Frankensteins who are cops

Once-familiar things hauled from their graves and put through their paces in a weekly police procedural appears to be all the rage this season, as Fox has picked up the Frankenstein cop drama The Frankenstein Code, while CBS has ordered its small-screen rehashes of Rush Hour and Limitless. The latter two join CBS’ also-picked-up spinoff Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, a bride of the Criminal Minds flagship that was cobbled together using pieces of the franchise and whatever other procedurals happened to be lying around, and will be presented, hissing in protest, to be wedded to Criminal Minds in CBS drama eternity.

As previously reported, Fox’s The Frankenstein Code differs from the many other Frankenstein projects that have been developed of late—all claiming to be different from each other—in that this Frankenstein involves a cop. Specifically a “morally corrupt” cop played by Rob Kazinsky, who’s brought back …

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