Newswire: CBGB is reopening—at Newark International Airport

In a move only slightly less punk rock than casting the ginger kid from Harry Potter as Cheetah Chrome, Gothamist brings the downbeat (sorry) news that legendary New York City punk club CBGB is reopening…at Newark Liberty International Airport. Perhaps obviously, considering it’s at a damn airport, once reopened CBGB will no longer serve as a concert venue, but as the Hot Topic shopper’s alternative to TGI Fridays and the like. (The name, presumably, no longer stands for “Country, BlueGrass, and Blues,”but “Cheesy BuffaloGlazed Burger.”) Jersey City-based radio station WFMU shared a picture of the new facade and menu on Twitter:

CBGB’s Reopening! At Newark Airport: ht @readmyback

— WFMU (@WFMU) December 21, 2015

But although this might appear to be simply another instance of the holding company that currently owns the CBGB trademark shamelessly trotting out the punk movement’s bloated …

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