Newswire: Cats domesticated themselves, thank you very much

It’s not clear how cats were stereotyped as being aloof and independent, but if you were awakened at 5 a.m. this morning by a hungry cat sitting on your chest, you already know this reputation is undeserved. Still, cats certainly demand things on their own terms—like what time they expect breakfast to be served, or at what godawful hour they will go hunting in your hallway, yowling with a toy mouse stuffed in their maw—so the DNA study published yesterday by Nature Ecology & Evolution isn’t surprising to those who recently stepped in cat vomit, barefooted, before coffee.

You’re probably just reading this for the kitten photos. (Photo: Auscape/Getty Image)

The analysis looks specifically at how cats were domesticated by examining DNA from cat remains across time and geography. Non-cat-owners probably assumed that cats were domesticated by people to help with rodent problems …

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