Newswire: Cash Money is suing Tidal for $50 million over that free Lil Wayne album

A few weeks ago, Lil Wayne released Free Weezy Album, a free album (hence the name) that was available exclusively on Tidal. The move was a not-so-subtle dig at his former record label, Cash Money, which has been refusing to release his latest normal album, Tha Carter V. Wayne’s record contract—which he is currently suing to get out of—prevents him from selling any music that isn’t through Cash Money, so he figured dumping this free album on Tidal would be a loophole.

Unfortunately for Lil Wayne, Cash Money does not agree, and TMZ is reporting that it is now suing Tidal for $50 million. Cash Money’s argument is that it owns the rights to all of Lil Wayne’s music—whether he charges for it or not—and that Tidal has broken the law by getting involved. The label even worked in a dig at …

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