Newswire: Carrie Fisher is now an advice columnist as well as a space general

Former princess, current General, and all-around entertaining human Carrie Fisher is getting into the advice business. She announced today that she’s launching an advice column in The Guardian with an initial article that shows off the funny, self-deprecating style she’s mastered in recent years:

Hilariously–after all the drug addiction and celebration marriage and mental illness and divorce and shock treatment and heartbreak and motherhood and childhood and neighborhood and hood in general–I’ve turned out to be (at close to 70) a kind of happy person (go figure!). A human who’s had her fair share of challenging and unhappy experiences. Over time, I’ve paid attention, taken notes and forgotten easily half of everything I’ve gone through. But I’ll rifle through the half I recall and lay it at your feet.

Fisher—who, for the record, is only 59—specifically asks for questions …

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