Newswire: Carrie Brownstein has a memoir coming out in October

Portlandia and Transparent actress, Sleater-Kinney guitarist, NPR contributor, screenwriter, and all-around cool person Carrie Brownstein just doesn’t have enough going on in her life, so she will be publishing a memoir in October. Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl, which has been in the works for the past three years will be a “deeply personal and revealing narrative of Brownstein’s life in music,” from her early days in the riot grrrl scene and her first band, Excuse 17, to Sleater-Kinney’s rise to the top of the indie-rock world.

What the book won’t cover is the more recent years of Brownstein’s career, as the memoir will end shortly after Sleater-Kinney went on hiatus in 2006. So we’ll have to wait for a sequel to read about the band she formed during that hiatus, Wild Flag, Brownstein’s surprising leap from indie rock to sketch comedy …

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