Newswire: Carla Gugino joins Netflix’s Haunting Of Hill House

According to Deadline, Carla Gugino is set to join Game Of Thrones‘ Michiel Huisman in Netflix’s 10-episode “modern re-imagining” of Shirley Jackson’s 1950s horror novel The Haunting Of Hill House. The series comes from Hush director Mike Flanagan, so this is a reunion for him and Gugino since she’s also starring in his adaptation of Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game.

We don’t know who Gugino is playing in the show, but she’ll presumably be a member of the Crane family that lives in the eponymous Hill House. We don’t know anything else because Netflix is apparently keeping character details under wraps, possibly in order to conceal any spooky spoilers about who is or is not a ghost, but we already reported that Huisman is playing a guy who writers spooky books—always a terrible job to have in scary movies and TV shows.

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