Newswire: Careless selfie-taker turns art gallery into a very expensive game of dominoes

The selfie has claimed another victim, with The New York Times reporting on a careless self-photographer who may have done as much as $200,000 in damage to a Los Angeles art installation. The woman in question got a little too close to a series of podiums set up by British artist Simon Birch (displaying a series of crowns), and managed to knock them over in what ended up looking like a very expensive game of dominoes.

We do need to keep a few caveats in mind here, though. First, while Birch has said the accident was entirely authentic, the Times raises the possibility that the event was staged. And second, that $200,000 figure is presumably based on the sale price of the piece rather than actual, physical damage. (See also: this selfie-gone-wrong in Washington, which was rated at $800,000 in damage despite the fact that it was …

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