Newswire: Cards Against Humanity creator pledges to buy Congressional search histories

Are you ready to laugh your ass off at Paul Ryan’s #Liftspiration, or gawk at the surely horrifying things Mitch McConnell Googles late at night when all of his interns have gone home? (We’re guessing he has this one bookmarked.) Well, Cards Against Humanity creator Max Temkin wants to help make that beautifully spiteful dream a reality. Earlier this week, Temkin promised on Twitter to buy up the browser histories of every member of Congress and publish them should the House approve measures to allows ISPs to sell customer’s private data without their consent. The next day, our elected representatives did just that, and to his credit Temkin seems to be following through on his plan.

He’s doing so by matching donations up to $10,000 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which isn’t as sexy as having a good chuckle at Lindsey Graham’s porn …

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