Newswire: Cannibalism meets gentrification in this exclusive preview of The Dregs #1

Homeless people are disappearing in The Dregs, and no one cares except one of their own. The new Black Mask Studios series gets its name from the five-block area of Vancouver that has become the herding ground for the city’s homeless population in the near future, and members of the homeless community are starting to mysteriously vanish as the territory becomes a new target for gentrification. These missing persons are being butchered, cooked, and served to unknowing patrons of the fine dining establishments popping up in the neighborhood, and The Dregs #1 does exceptional work capturing the horror of this practice and the paranoia that takes over the main character, Arnold, as he investigates the string of disappearances.

Writers Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson have crafted a chilling Grand Guignol narrative rooted in major issues facing big cities, and the first issue of The Dregs puts readers deep in …

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