Newswire: Candace Cameron Bure lays down her burdens and leaves The View

Candace Cameron Bure—who cohosted at the right hand of Jesus, the lamp under the bushel of The View‘s current events chatfest—announced today that she is leaving the daytime series after two seasons, believing it is a load that has simply become too heavy to bear any longer. “I tried to be Superwoman, but I’m gonna not try anymore,” Bure said, citing the stressful obligations of juggling the daytime talk show with her commitments to both Netflix’s Fuller House and the Hallmark Channel that have seen her crisscrossing the globe, on a desperate mission to ensure the world is not deprived of mawkish sentimentality for a single hour.

There’s also the incredibly strain it puts on her kids and her husband, whom—as Whoopi Goldberg uncomfortably notes—Bure would probably like some time to have sex with. Christ almighty. It is far too goddamn early …

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