Newswire: Cameron Esposito to appear in Garry Marshall’s Mother’s Day

In casting news that may or may not just be an excuse to set up a future episode of Comedy Bang Bang, Deadline is reporting that Cameron Esposito has joined the cast of Garry Marshall’s Mother’s Day. As indicated by its title and inclusion in Garry Marshall’s every-expanding universe of holiday-themed movies, Mother’s Day is about Mother’s Day, and it will most likely follow a bunch of mothers and non-mothers as they go on several occasionally intersecting adventures. Esposito will play Max, “a young mother raising a son with her lesbian partner.” We don’t know how extensive her role will be, but even if it’s just a glorified cameo that won’t detract from how much fun the eventual podcast episode she’ll do with Paul F. Tompkins (as Garry Marshall) will be. Also, Deadline notes that Esposito’s work “has been featured …

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