Newswire: Call Of Duty gets in on the whole Nazi-punching thing with return to WWII

First-person shooters spent a long time being about punching (okay, mostly shooting) Nazis in the face. Then Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare came out, and suddenly they weren’t. But due to a previously unfathomable rise in Nazi-like activity, the internet has been flooded with games to help people vent their anti-Nazi sentiments. Never one to miss out on a trend, Activision has confirmed that this year’s Call Of Duty is getting back to its fascist-bashing roots and returning to World War II, the conflict where the mega-hit series got its start.

Called simply Call Of Duty: WWII, the new game is in development at Sledgehammer Games, the studio founded by former Visceral Games (Dead Space) staff, whose last major effort was 2014’s Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the game that saw COD make its first big leap into futuristic wars. And that’s all Activision has …

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