Newswire: California honors The Big Bang Theory with its very own alley

Tonight, The Big Bang Theory celebrated its landmark 200th episode with a special appearance from Adam West, but he’s not the only one congratulating America’s favorite nerds and their neighbor who is not a nerd. According a press release put out by Warner Bros., the city of Pasadena, California—where the show is set—recently honored the cast and crew of The Big Bang Theory by declaring today, February 25, to be “The Big Bang Theory Day” and by naming a street in the show’s honor.

Alright, the street is technically an alley, but that shouldn’t diminish the excitement of this occasion. After all, if Bruce Wayne’s parents had been gunned down in Big Bang Theory Alley instead of Crime Alley, his story would’ve been very different. Rather than becoming a bat and striking terror into the hearts of villains everywhere, he would’ve …

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