Newswire: Cable to try wife swapping in attempt to keep relationship with viewers alive

With all the sexy, streamlined new cord-cutting options on the market, TV can no longer take its relationship with viewers for granted. How is boring old TV, all the extra channels it’s acquired over the years stuffed into a pair of frayed old sweatpants, supposed to compete with a hussy like HBO Now that doesn’t even require a cable bundle to hook up (viewers with the newest programming from the premium channel)? It’s time to bring out the big guns, by which, of course, we mean wife swapping.

To be completely honest, cable has tried this kind of thing before. First, it tried an A&E reality show about swingers in suburban Ohio, but that was canceled after just two episodes. Then it agreed to have sex in a box on WE tv’s descriptively titled Sex Box, but that, too, failed to reignite the spark. Now …

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