Newswire: C2E2 News Roundup: New Marvel series get buried under The Dark Knight III

There were a significant number of new comics announced at this year’s Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo (C2E2), but one piece of news dominated the convention: Frank Miller returning to Batman for The Dark Knight III: The Master Race. Miller is co-writing the Fall 2015 series with Brian Azzarello while an unannounced creator handles the artwork, and judging by the subtitle, readers should expect more of the heavily political, borderline offensive content of Miller’s recent work like Holy Terror!, which itself began as a Batman story. Otherwise, the convention was light on DC news, with most of the publisher’s panels teasing the already-announced runs kicking off in June after Convergence.

As expected, most of Marvel’s news revolved around its upcoming Secret Wars event and assorted tie-ins: Howard The Human is a one-shot by writer Skottie Young and artist Jim Mahfood that reimagines Howard The Duck as …

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