Newswire: Buy the studio where Ed Wood made Plan 9 From Outer Space

Here’s a hot tip for any real estate moguls/movie buffs who not only admire cult director Ed Wood’s movies, but also his haphazardly optimistic approach to business decisions: the director’s old Los Angeles studio is on the market. And while it currently houses, among other things, “a go-go venue with Thai bikini dancers,” there’s no reason this beautiful property couldn’t be part of movie magic once again.

Courtesy Silver Commercial

Besides its connection to Wood, the property at 5628 Santa Monica Boulevard, has also housed a rehearsal studio reportedly used by Jimi Hendrix, Guns N’ Roses, and The Doors. According to a creatively euphemistic write-up in L.A. Weekly, the building also contains a “secret room,” recently discovered between the first and second floors. As one might expect from a mysterious hiding spot found in a building once frequented by noted eccentrics like Wood …

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