Newswire: Buy Davy Jones’ guitar and never play it, just like Davy Jones

Items from Davy Jones’ estate are going up for auction next month at New York’s Hard Rock Cafe, giving fans of proto-boy band The Monkees and devout The Brady Bunch-ites a chance to snag some pop culture history.

Highlights from Jones’ collection of memorabilia include the commemorative plaque for the group’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star (expected to go for up to $2000) and a pair of gold and platinum sales awards, as well as some singular looks from Jones’ wardrobe, including a red-and-white vaudeville-inspired coat he wore for a performance of “Cuddly Toy.” Some of Jones’ guitars and amps will also be available for purchase, so you can confirm (if you must) via a fret board inspection that the Monkees did in fact play their own instruments at some point.

The auction items will be available for public viewing from May 12-16 and the bidding will …

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