Newswire: Buy back your adolescence by putting a down payment on the Sixteen Candles house

It’s a sad truth that we can never be young again. But hey, that doesn’t mean money isn’t here to take away some of that creaky, backwards-looking sting. Case in point: Why not treat yourself to a little nostalgia therapy today, by dropping $1.49 million on the house from classic John Hughes touchstone Sixteen Candles?

Located in Chicago-adjacent Evanston, Illinois—and, sadly, not in the mythical suburb of Shermer—the house’s exterior looks pretty much just like it did when Hughes used it as the setting of his 1984 Molly Ringwald vehicle. And now you can own it, provided you’re willing to pick up a hefty, nostalgia-laden mortgage.

But once you’ve got it, it’ll be yours, just like Jake Ryan’s heart ultimately belonged to poor old Sam Baker. And just think of all the great memories you’ll make in your …

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