Newswire: Burger King’s ketchup-piped doughnut Whopper is a better idea than it sounds

First We Feast points us to a story about Burger King in Israel offering the SufganiKing on its menu this month. It’s a hybrid of the Whopper and a sufganiyah, the round jelly doughnut eaten during Hanukkah. In place of fruit jam, the SufganiKing would feature ketchup, of course.

Everyone: Engage your disgust and faux outrage now.

OK, now that the shock of “ketchup,” “doughnut,” and “Whopper” appearing in the same provocative headline has worn off, let us explain why this is actually a great idea.

The issue of your kneejerk disgust is the pairing of the word doughnut with ketchup—Westerners associate doughnuts as sweets filled with Boston creme, fruit-flavored jellies or glazed with icing. But doughnuts are really just dough fried in hot oil, and there are more examples of savory treatments than sweet.

Native Americans in the Southwest have been frying bread for generations and serving …

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