Newswire: Bryan Fuller talks diversity and man-eating vaginas in American Gods

Having moved on—like the rest of us someday will, God willing—from the beautiful, flaming wreck that was the now-canceled Hannibal, showrunner Bryan Fuller is well into development on his new Starz show, American Gods. Which, according to a recent interview he did with co-producer Loretta Ramos for Splitsider, is coming along pretty nicely, complete with expanded roles for female characters, and a woman with a vagina that eats a guy whole.

Of course, the man-eating vagina won’t come as a shock to readers of Neil Gaiman’s novel (or anyone who’s been following American Gods for very long, for that matter), but Fuller did get into the practicalities of filming the character of Bilquis—a.k.a. The Queen Of Sheba—and her cannibalistic genitalia. (Unsurprisingly, the answer involves CGI.) He also talked about how the role is one of a handful of female characters—including …

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