Newswire: Bryan Fuller says Hannibal could still return, talks Silence Of The Lambs casting

Look, we’ve done the whole “Hannibal creator and showrunner Bryan Fuller is sadistically toying with the freshly cancelled show’s devoted audience, just like someone we know, ahem” thing before, but the man just can’t seem to help himself. Fuller used the show’s postmortem press rounds to yet again tantalize/torture his audience with what could be if we—“we” in this case being the programming executives at Starz or Amazon or whatever—would only give in to Hannibal‘s dark vision.

The show ended its improbable three-season run at NBC over the weekend with an open-ended final episode in keeping with the series’ embrace of the florid language and Grand Guignol horrors of author Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lecter novels, as well as its rejection of those novels’ more conventional FBI procedural elements. In interviews with outlets including HitFix, Crave Online, The Hollywood Reporter, IGN, and (pause …

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