Newswire: Bryan Cranston to do his bald badass thing as Zordon in the Power Rangers movie

Up until now, everything we’ve seen from the Power Rangers movie has been a little concerning for longtime fans of the series. Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa doesn’t resemble the character from the old show at all, and while the new suits for the Rangers themselves are a little more faithful, they also owe a lot—like, a lot—to the metal suit worn by a certain armored Avenger. Now, though, the Power Rangers movie has revealed a new addition to its cast that seems surprisingly solid.

According to the official Power Rangers Twitter account, the Rangers’ big, blue mentor Zordon will be played by none other than Bryan Cranston:

The mighty #Zordon has officially been cast! Please welcome #BryanCranston to the #PowerRangersMovie.

— Power Rangers (@ThePowerRangers) June 21, 2016

Zordon is generally seen as a bald head floating in a tube, and Cranston commanded a …

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