Newswire: Bruno Mars probably bringing his Uptown Funk back to the Super Bowl

Multiple sources are reporting that Bruno Mars has been asked back to the Super Bowl halftime show. Mars, of course, was the halftime show’s headliner just two years ago, delighting moms and easily offended people everywhere. Now, both Entertainment Weekly and Billboard are saying the “Uptown Funk” singer could be back for next February’s big event, though what he’ll actually be doing there is a bit unclear. EW is reporting Mars would be the “headliner,” a term Deadspin questions since the 2016 Super Bowl will be the NFL’s 50th, and “you’d expect the NFL to go all out for its 50th Super Bowl.” Billboard, on the other hand, says Mars has been asked to “curate” the show, whatever that means. If he’s just the curator, Mars could still appear as part of the show, but alongside other acts he’s chosen (and hopefully Beyoncé …

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