Newswire: Bruce Willis reuniting with the writers of Cop Out for another action-comedy

Bruce Willis is dusting off his best sardonic smirk and lacing up his finest murderous one-liners, in preparation for putting his battered body and comic charisma through yet another action-comedy role. The Die Hard star has signed on for an as-yet-untitled film that will be the first directorial effort from Cop Out writers Mark and Robb Cullen. This, despite the fact that re-teaming with anybody from one of 2010’s least-loved buddy comedies is exactly the sort of shit that everyone involved seems like they’re getting far too old to do.

The new film will see Willis play a private investigator living in Venice Beach, California, who gets drawn into a kooky web of criminal malfeasance when someone kidnaps his dog. If that kind of sounds like the plot of The Big Lebowski, except with an animal in the place of room-defining floor furniture, then it remains to be …

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