Newswire: Bruce Willis cashes another paycheck, stars in another action thriller thing

Bruce Willis recently expressed actual interest in exerting some effort on an upcoming project by again optioning the rights to the Elmore Leonard novel Bandits. And so, according to the law of physics known as Bruno’s Guarantee, he is constitutionally incapable of giving a shit about the next four or five films on his docket. According to Deadline, it looks like the next one will be Extraction, a thriller that begins shooting February 9 in Alabama.

Extraction will be directed by Steven C. Miller (Submerged), and is the latest in Willis’ next round of projects that—regardless of their actual titles—he will probably casually refer to as Phoning It In, Summer Home, Monthlong Nap, and Private Island. It will star Willis as a former CIA operative whose son—a freshly minted CIA operative himself—is working with his dad on the development of a super-weapon known as the …

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