Newswire: Bruce Springsteen, Jon Stewart continue to stand up for veterans

Just because Jon Stewart’s stepped down from his secular, smirking pulpit as the host of The Daily Show, it doesn’t mean he can’t still throw a collar tug or two behind one of his favorite causes. Stewart has announced that he’s teaming up with fellow New Jersey demigod Bruce Springsteen for this year’s Stand Up For Heroes performance, an annual fundraising event for the Bob Woodruff Foundation, which raises money for the families of wounded veterans.

The struggles of wounded soldiers have long been a hot-button issue for Stewart; mismanagement at the U.S. Department Of Veterans Affairs was one of the few topics that could reliably transition The Daily Show’s faux rage at political idiocy into the genuine article. In his private life, meanwhile, the retired anchor continues to pour time and resources into a program that helps returning soldiers kick-start entertainment industry …

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