Newswire: Bruce Lee’s estate won’t let Ip Man 3 use a computer-generated Bruce Lee

Earlier this week, the producers of Ip Man 3 announced that they were planning to free Bruce Lee from the cold grasp of death by using science to turn him into a cartoon. As /Film explained it, they wanted young Bruce Lee to be a character in the movie (the guy the Ip Man movies are about taught martial arts to Lee), but they couldn’t find anyone awesome enough to capture his essence. With computers being pretty hot these days, the producers called up Robert Lee—Bruce’s brother—who agreed to let them just make a CGI Bruce Lee instead. After all, mixing human actors with computer-generated creatures worked so well in all of those Star Wars prequels, so why not here?

Well, as it turns out, Bruce Lee’s estate says that Robert Lee doesn’t actually have the right to authorize any use of his brother …

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