Newswire: Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi want to make more Evil Dead movies

Apparently undaunted by the fact that they’re already set to put together five new hours of slapstick horror for their Starz series Ash Vs. Evil Dead, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have said they’d both be open to making more films in the gore-soaked franchise. The pair were talking at the Television Critic Association meeting today, where they were joined by Ash Vs. Evil Dead showrunner Craig DiGregorio for a panel about the upcoming show.

“This series will force us to make more movies,” Campbell said, probably wearing that same cocky grin you’re currently imagining in your head right now. “That’s only 10 hours of programming; we need eight more movies.” Raimi agreed with the Campbellian show of bravado, saying he’d be on board to make another Evil Dead film as long as his longtime friend and collaborator was in front of the camera. Until …

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