Newswire: Brothers and sisters, it’s Siblings Week at The A.V. Club

After that fantastic Fourth Of July weekend, how can anyone be expected to slog through the dregs of a summer work week? The A.V. Club is here to help with another fun theme week. This time we’re taking a look at the complicated relationships of siblings, which in popular culture can indicate first friends or longest-running enemies, and sometimes a combination of both. Siblings Week kicks off today with an Inventory on pop-culture siblings you might not have known were related (Liam and Pablo Shreiber, who knew?). Today’s Wikipedia Wormhole discusses the many DNA twists and turns that bring us fraternal and identical twins. And Genevieve Valentine discusses at the disturbing sibling plot development that has endured across centuries: incest.

All week long, Watch This will look at movies about sisters, and Hear This will feature sibling-based bands. More Inventories will discuss actors who made convincing …

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