Newswire: Brooks Wheelan is going on a tour of “flyover country”

There’s a particularly hurtful notion shared by America’s coastal elites that the Midwest and the South are nothing but “flyover country”—which is to say that these snobs “fly over” them while jet-setting from their hip New York apartments to their sprawling Los Angeles estates. Comedian Brooks Wheelan is not one of these snobs, as he’s from Iowa and no one from Iowa is a snob. So he’s going on tour with stops in a bunch of places that even his press release refers to as “flyover country” (the press release is a snob). Wheelan also says that he’s “excited” to return to his “Central American roots,” which actually refers to a totally different part of the world than America’s Midwest and Southern states, but whatever.

Wheelan will also be appearing on the September 19 episode of Comedy Central’s The Half Hour, and …

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