Newswire: Britney Spears to guest star as Rogelio’s nemesis Britney Spears on Jane The Virgin

Britney Spears is set to guest star as herself in the fifth episode of the upcoming second season of Jane The Virgin, Variety reports. Spears made the announcement herself on Twitter on Tuesday, calling Jane The Virgin one of her favorite shows ever, because in addition to being a pop sensation, Spears also has good taste in television. Thanks to the casting news, we’re wondering which Britney hit each of the characters of Jane would choose at karaoke, and now we can’t stop thinking about Luisa singing “Womanizer” at Sin Rosetro.

Spears referred to her guest starring role, as a dream come true, and Jane showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman replied that it’s a dream come true for the writers as well. Lots of dreams are coming true, especially for Rogelio, who gets to face off with Spears, with whom, according to no one but himself, he has …

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