Newswire: British professor to live as David Bowie for a year, for science

Just call him the Thin White Fake. In what could potentially be framed as an argument against the concept of tenure, Will Brooker, a professor at Kingston University in London, has announced his intention to live as David Bowie for a year. This will include not only dressing up as the various personas the shapeshifting British pop star has created over the years, but also “method acting” as Ziggy Stardust et al. in order to more fully embody the lived experience of Bowiedom. Brooker will only consume media that would have been available to Bowie in the mid-’70s to gain insight into his creative process, and has taken up some of Bowie’s more unusual habits, like the milk and red peppers diet he famously adopted in the mid-’70s. (That’s actually milk, red peppers, and cocaine, if you want to be 100 percent Bowie-accurate. Just saying.)

In …

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