Newswire: British book dealer murdered over rare copy of The Wind In The Willows

As reported by The Guardian (via the LA Times), a book dealer in England was recently stabbed to death, with prosecutors on the case arguing that the alleged perpetrator did it so he could steal the man’s rare first-edition copy of The Wind In The Willows, valued at about $64,000. The dealer, Adrian Greenwood, was found dead in April with a “deep wound in his back” and “more than 30 stab wounds to the chest,” as well as numerous other injuries that suggest he was tortured and tried to take the knife from his attacker. A man named Michael Danaher is on trial for the murder, and though he doesn’t deny that he killed Greenwood, he is claiming that he did it in self-defense.

According to the prosecution, that story doesn’t hold up. They say Danaher didn’t call for help after Greenwood died, and “cool …

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