Newswire: Bride Of Frankenstein reboot will be about “female liberation”

Universal’s shared monster universe is really starting to come together, with The Mummy serving as the Big Bang some time in 2017. There will, of course, be a Wolf Man and Frankenstein in the monster melee, which will set up Van Helsing as their frenemy. But if these developments have all pointed to a rotting sausage fest for you, rest assured that there will be at least one female protagonist in one of these movies. Bride Of Frankenstein, the 1935 sequel to Universal’s Frankenstein, is also getting the remake treatment from the studio.

Although its release hasn’t been slated just yet—there’s no word on whether Universal will follow Marvel Studio’s “phasing” plan—the reboot has already been written by Jurassic Park screenwriter David Koepp. That’s according to Collider’s interview with the writer, who’s currently out stumping for the Tom Hanks-led Inferno …

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