Newswire: Brian Henson’s R-rated puppet murder movie is once again in the works

Nearly five years ago, we brought you word that Brian Henson of The Jim Henson Company had teamed up with Lionsgate for a new movie, an R-rated puppet noir called The Happytime Murders. The film sounded promising, with a Black List-featured script, a Who Framed Roger Rabbit?-esque premise, and a slightly unsettling promise of lots and lots of puppet sex. But then, like a lifetime of bad memories disappearing down a bottle, or a hand disappearing up a surly gumshoe puppet’s back, Happytime seemed to vanish, receding back into the inky blackness of shadows and regret.

Fast forward to today, when it was announced that Henson would be teaming up with the newly formed STX Entertainment to give the film another gasp at cloth-and-blood existence. The script, since rewritten by Red and Red 2 scribes Erich and Jon Hoeber, still centers on a world where puppets exist as …

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