Newswire: Brett Ratner’s Hugh Hefner movie is back on

More than a decade ago, would-be Hugh Hefner figure Brett Ratner attempted to take his hero’s story to the screen, with plans for an Oscar-bait biopic tracking Hefner’s rise from conservative Midwesterner to human scrotum-king. That project fell apart, but the time is apparently finally right for Hefner’s pajama-clad, blacklight-reactive story to be told, with Deadline reporting that Ratner is once again spearheading plans to bring a movie about the publisher to theaters.

Ratner’s film is actually the second Hefner project to be announced recently; just today, Amazon debuted American Playboy, its 10-part documentary on Hefner’s life. It’s not clear why, exactly, everyone’s rushing around right now with a raging desire to tell Hefner’s story, unless Playboy’s recent decision to start publishing nude photos again has simply got them turgid with its filmmaking possibilities.

Ratner—seen above, fondling the Playboy-published …

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