Newswire: Bret Michaels no longer rocks, just lives (with products from

Just as every rose has its thorn, so now every couch has its throw, thanks to a line of “curated products” endorsed by former lead singer of Poison and current headliner of casinos Bret Michaels. Michaels, who previously taught our pets how to rock, is now teaching us how to live, because, as Michaels puts it, “Sometimes you need to rock, and sometimes you need to live.”

Michaels’ new philosophical outlook comes courtesy of, which, from the press release announcing the partnership, sounds more like a meditation cult than an online discount retailer: “The first time I experienced Overstock’s soul was during a special company-wide event where I performed. It was pure magic meeting everyone,” Michaels says. “I’ve seen them on television, I’ve shopped on their website, but the synergy with the entire group brought things to a whole other level,” he adds, marking the …

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