Newswire: Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan reveals boring answer for what happened to Huell

Since the final season of Breaking Bad, fans have let their imaginations run wild as to the fate of Saul Goodman’s bodyguard Huell, as this is one of the few questions the show didn’t answer with a bullet. To recap—and ruin for those who still haven’t watched the series, yet are still clicking on this article for some reason—Huell was last seen waiting patiently in a safehouse, ordered to remain there and not have any contact with the outside world until the return of Hank and Gomez. Hank and Gomez are, of course, killed.

Huell’s eternal vigil, waiting for a deliverance that will never come while living off his considerable physical stores, has since been documented with countdown websites, imagined by esteemed writers, and even turned into a sitcom. The simple mystery has provided so many hours of fun. Or in one specific case …

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