Newswire: Brazil’s getting a new Sega Genesis that looks just like the old one

Sega may have dropped out of the console business with the death of the Dreamcast in 2001, but there’s at least one place where its systems have lived on well beyond their expected lifespans: Brazil. Thanks to its deal with a local toy manufacturer, Tectoy, Sega beat Nintendo to market in Brazil in the early ’90s and captured one of the world’s biggest gaming audiences. With Sega’s blessing, Tectoy produced versions of both the Master System (Sega’s 8-bit equivalent to the NES) and the Mega Drive (known in the US as the Sega Genesis) throughout the ’90s and well into the ’00s, even though those systems had been dead for years elsewhere in the world. Tectoy is still selling its modernized Master System, which was released 22 years after the console debuted in Brazil, and now it’s taking preorders for a new “limited edition” Mega …

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